• It works on my local but CircleCI complains about weird JS errors
    development/gotcha 2020. 2. 27. 17:39

    Really bizarre error message poped up when the tests were running in CircleCI that I didn't see on my local machine.

    ReferenceError: __DEV__ is not defined


    I went so far as to declare it as a global variable in the Jest config, which should have applied already by other libraries, didn't work as well.


    Except for those errors happen to both local and CircleCI, usually it's the framework or library version mismatch. So, these are the go-to processes when I try to fix the CircleCI issues.


    1. Clean the CircleCI cache.

    2. Check the Node version in the Docker container.

    3. Check the installed yarn/npm version via SSH.



    This could be easily missed out

    I thought I did 2 but it turned out I didn't - I've easily wasted 30 mins on investigating this from CircleCI.



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